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When I want to see my face,

I use the sky like a mirror.

when I forget who I am,

I lick my dog’s nose.

When asked my name

I say “Tree”.

If no one understands 

I do not explain. 

Words are just lines on a map,

too often mistaken for the road,

Which leads to

the silence where whales sing, wild grasses cry

and I lie curled

in the armpit of


[ Julius Lester and David Gahr ]


H, I am Adam.

I share life with my wife, Catalina; our amazing daughter Mai, and our loving lady dog, Chichi. 

My photographs are influenced by my interest in the simple things. The cycles of nature, the way people look at each other: father and son, mother adoring her baby, lovers sharing silence and beauty. I find it important to create trust with the people whose pictures I am taking.

I would love to be with you on your love celebration, 

with my camera and heart. 

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